Thursday, October 21, 2010

Women - Do you want to know how to keep your man happy?

Do you agree with the following?

Cooking, cleaning and great love making is always a plus. But the key to keeping your man at home is to:

* Honor him for the concern that he shows you and your children.

* Don't take for granted that he can take care of you and your family.

* If he is a good man, he wont' cheat on you. Don't take that fact for granted. You can cause a person to change for the better or worse.

* Show more patience for him than friends and acquaintances. He is your protector and provider. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. For this, we deserves more honor than those who inter and leave your life.

* Always speak to him with respect. A good man will love you hard and be protective of you. Don't dishonor him with frequent tongue lashings.

* Remember that behind his tough exterior, he is a man with feelings. Protect and respect his feelings and you will preserve the love that he has for you.

* Faithful men who are good to you and your children are a jewel to you. While men should take care of their children and wives, honor him for his style in doing so. Is he gentle with you? Does he instill good habits in your children. Does he discipline them on your behalf? These things are important and are not necessarily required by our current social standards. Strong fathers are important.

* Praise your husband to your children. The respect that you show him will add to the honor that they will provide you when they are older.

Do you agree?Women - Do you want to know how to keep your man happy?
OK. I am a woman, and sometimes women are just stupid and naive. The women in this world are so wrapped up in how men are supposed to please their women, but this guy is right. What about the men. Women are not loyalty or queens. Lose the snotty attitude and get with reality. Men need love and respect just as much as we do, they just don't voice ir or make it as obvious as we do. My husband tells me all of the time how much he loves the fact that I treat him like a good man deserves. It is not always about us. They deserve something from the relationship too. And for all of you that say that men just need to think about women, please get counseling because if you don't get it now, you will be receiving after you get married while trying to save your marriage cause you don't satisfy your husband anymore.Women - Do you want to know how to keep your man happy?
Nice hat bro
That is surprising. A man thinking that men should be honored %26amp; praised for doing what they're supposed to do.
i certainly do agree. i don't think men get the appreciation from us women like they should. women are quick to judge and nag and tell a man what they should be changing/fixing. women expect men to love us for who we are. we should be doing the same for men.
I do make him happy...I work full-time - I have regular sex with him - He gets regular blow jobs - He can go out and play with his friends without a hassle - fish and golf at will...I cook, I clean and I care for our child too. He does his half of the housework/chores - brings home his share of cash AND is a wonderful dad.

I don't think there's anything you posted here that's new or unknown to me...
I really needed this

I do all of those things except the cleaning part- i hate that.


I agree. Except for the cooking and cleaning. My man is a chef so he cooks. We both clean and take care of our home. And I think it's a two-way street. Respect and honor should be passed among everyone in the home. That's how we teach our children. And it's like anything else, if you give love and respect and trust to someone, chances are, they'll give it back to you.

Edit: Val, you're a blonde white woman? Really? I could have sworn you were asian too. HAHAHAHHAH. HAHAHHHA. WTF??? That is just funny.

Edit 2: For some odd unexplainable reason, I'm dying for an egg roll! HAHAHHAHHAHA.
bull ****, whoever thinks that need their brains examined, how about reversing the same think and say do you know how to keep you woman happy. A woman is not a slave but a daughter, sister, wife and mother. if a man thinks the following is what makes him happy then thank god i am not your wife lol , i would have kicked the **** out of you l
Most defiantly agree- some points missing, but I agree so far.

Who's book did you get this out of? lol..

Wives forget that their husbands are valuable, human beings. Some woman think they are superheros that can handle anything that gets dished out to them, but they are just as sensitive and intuitive as we are. They feel more loved when they are respected and honoured.

Men need respect to feel love, woman need love to feel respected. Funny how that works hey ? :)..
Thanks Denzel.

I'll make a note of it!

ADD ON- nonameblonde....I was referring to a comment ';Doc Phil'; made...LOL! You have me laughing now! LOL!!

ADD AGAIN- eggroll? I am LMAO over here! Hahahahaha
I won't act subservient to ANYONE.

And my husband loves me a lot anyway.

You should have lived in the 30's, where this kind of clap-trap was actually swqallowed.
I agree 100%, but both men and women should be honored in the same fashion. Why should anyone get extra praise for what they are supposed to be doing anyway?

@ US Navy Wife: Very well said, and thank you and your husband for your service to our country.:)
most typically asian women believe that but i doubt many american women do
yeah, I praise my husband, too bad it's his ex wife who got his money and kids from him!
While I agree that what you have said is true, it is also only half of the equation. Everything you mentioned could be slightly modified and listed under ';How a man can keep his woman happy';.
I do agree, but on the same token, I feel that list could easily be directed towards a woman as well. Although I do think the world of my husband, he also thinks the world of me. The respect I show him is reciprocated. I think in order to keep a man happy, you must be a happy woman, and its hard to be a happy woman if the feelings you express towards your husband aren't feelings he expresses towards you.
How about daily oral sex?

How about never complaining?

Just kidding, women know what they should do the problem is us men act terrible and put them in bad moods and then they don't feel like doing any of the above items you mentioned!
How about just saying that men and women should have all those traits and should both respect each other for them? Nobody should be taken for granted.
My big pink lips keep my husband happy.
That's all great but I'd settle for her just looking for sex once in awhile.
It's always best if each person is focused on giving what he/she can. Respect, kindness, and consideration should be a constant.

In my experience, happiness is easy to find when one is focused on doing for others. These are some good suggestions (except I don't think he should discipline FOR her, rather they should each just support the other's disciplinary efforts and present a united front.)

Although, I really hope most of these are already pretty well known and understood. Bottom line: with the exception of the discipline point, I agree.
Good thing I am not a woman. I would find a target below your belt.

Some day, if you find a woman like this, you will due a rude awakening called REALITY.
I hate how you use the word honor.

If you want any 'honor' or respect make sure you give it a 100% first.

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